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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Making my move

After some time to process and analyze the production name I use for my own programs, I decided it would be easier to keep everything under one site to better establish an identity. I will now be using the name TSB Television instead of Buster Media Group, and I've moved all my elements to the site.

You can visit too by going to the TSB site

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Dialogue is close to moving ahead

I appreciate the support I've received lately with my two followers of this page. I haven't had much to report from the production side, but I have some developments to inform you about.

Last month, my documentary What Are You? A Dialogue on Mixed Race, was screened at a multicultural event hosted by UNC-Wilmington. I have yet to hear from the organizers, but this marks the first time my program was screened at a college that I'm aware of.

My sequel, What Are You? The Dialogue Continues, is also taking shape. I taped an interview with a source who showed interest for a while earlier this month, and I'm set to interview a professor from the University of Minnesota and an organic technology consultant next week. Unless something notable develops, those should be my last two interviews before I start packaging the documentary into a one-hour show.

I'll make another update when I finish my interviews and transition to editing.