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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Dialogue is close to moving ahead

I appreciate the support I've received lately with my two followers of this page. I haven't had much to report from the production side, but I have some developments to inform you about.

Last month, my documentary What Are You? A Dialogue on Mixed Race, was screened at a multicultural event hosted by UNC-Wilmington. I have yet to hear from the organizers, but this marks the first time my program was screened at a college that I'm aware of.

My sequel, What Are You? The Dialogue Continues, is also taking shape. I taped an interview with a source who showed interest for a while earlier this month, and I'm set to interview a professor from the University of Minnesota and an organic technology consultant next week. Unless something notable develops, those should be my last two interviews before I start packaging the documentary into a one-hour show.

I'll make another update when I finish my interviews and transition to editing.