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Monday, April 27, 2009

New mixed race documentary...I need people!

A week ago, I got my first interview for a new installment in my documentaries reporting on mixed race. People I've hooked up with through my exploration about mixed race have sent me some scholarly articles on the subject to help bring a more academic look into the construct. I'm also looking to expand the demographic from the first show to include more than just female college students. I succeeded so far by interviewing a friend who graduated from college a few years ago and had a lot of stories to tell about her identity.

Normally, I wouldn't recommend interviewing friends or acquaintances because you run the risk of getting into "friend mode" versus "reporter mode" and can unknowingly miss out on that great line or story that sells the program. However, that was not afforded to me a lot in high school, so I adapted by telling people I knew that I would have to talk to them as a reporter and not as a friend as I worked on the story. There are some lines I won't cross for ethical reasons, but I'm comfortable in situations where my friends may have a role in the story I'm telling.

However, I am looking for males or females in the Twin Cities area of any age who identify with two or more races. If you happen to be a college student, that's perfectly fine. Send an e-mail to and have your story told.

Friday, April 17, 2009

My first job

I was hired to produce a short documentary for Minnesota's Private Colleges, specifically for the 15th anniversary of the Phillips Scholarship Program run by the Phillips Foundation. The scholarships are offered to students who submit a community service project proposal and plan to attend a participating private college in Minnesota. You can see the program below.

If you liked what you saw, just imagine what I can do for you! E-mail me with your project ideas!